Requests for live multi-camera production of special events (Event Videos) should be submitted at least 30 days prior to the event.

Requests for Video programs requiring a script and editing time should be submitted at least 90 days prior to expected date of use. Production time can vary dramatically and is entirely dependent on the complexity of the project and availability of key personnel. A first-draft script or detailed outline with major content points must be provided to Media Services.

Media Services’ goal is to accept all video production requests from Dallas College locations. However, given limited time, personnel, and resources, that is not always possible. Most Event Video requests (1-day or 2-day campus events with speakers) will be accepted if there are no schedule conflicts.

Priority for other video production requests will be given to those that meet one or more of the following criteria, in the following order:

  • Productions of use and interest across all Dallas College locations.
  • Chancellor and District Office requests.
  • Support for Dallas College's LeCroy Student Services.
  • Productions with exceptional value for continued use on Media Services outlets: DCTV, on-demand video, etc.
  • Requests with 1) a designated campus project manager, and 2) clearly designated personnel with script writing and script approval responsibility.

There is no charge for Media Services’ personnel time and equipment. Any external costs, such as a professional voice talent or special equipment, are the responsibility of the requesting location.

Requester Information
Program Information
Program Purpose
Script (required for non-event videos)